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If you are a florist who would like to use locally grown, high quality flowers in your work, then please email to request a wholesale availability and stem price list. We will also include a short newsletter advising what is at its best on the farm or will be appearing soon. When you choose to buy flowers from us, we will be able to cut your flowers at exactly the right stage: for example, fully open, in readiness for an event, or in bud for a longer lasting bouquet.



If you are relaxed about your selection of flowers, you can leave us to cut a bucket (approx. 80 stems) of the best that is available of the smaller headed flowers. This is a cost-effective way to receive a great choice for wedding arrangements. You can request to exclude a particular colour, or instead choose a range of colours. Please contact us for a wholesale price.



If you have an event coming up in the future, even next year, we can advise what should be available and quote you a stem price. If you order within 2 weeks of the quote, we will hold this price (up to 12 months in advance). We cannot entirely guarantee which flowers will be available due to variations in weather conditions and growing rates, but you will receive confirmation of the flower list no later than two weeks before your event.

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